Acharya Yugbhushan Suri –Jewel to Jainism
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An invincible decoder of the most complex subject matters, cognoscente in various fields and a connoisseur- Acharya Shree Yugbhooshan Suriji is undoubtedly one of the best available knowledge sources.

Born as, Naveen Khimji Mota, on 26th October 1957, at Kolkata Naveen was an avid reader and had an ability to grasp faster. Although Naveen Mota excelled at school, he distinctively found the academics way beneath his abilities and standards. Naveen, youngest of all his siblings grew with learning scriptures.At the tender age of 9, Naveen was stalwart at enormous fundamental scriptures such as Panch Pratikaman, Jiv Vichar and Nav-tatva. A year later,he completed Updhyan to experience the lives of saints.

At 14, while studying Devchandra chovisi he felt withdrawn from the materialistic world and his passion towards spirituality inspired him to take a step further.He then decided to give up schooling and completely strengthened scriptural study, making it his primary objective. Assenting Naveen’s aspiration his parents motivated him into the path of enlightenment under the able mentorship of Acharya Shri Ramchandrasurishwarji M.S.

A perfect blend of young age, mature powerful mind with perspicacity and one of the best pundits of the subject matter,He was the last disciple of renowned Pundit Shree Narayanacharya, who ensured that he gave Naveen a fruitful insight of his rich knowledge. Post completing comparative studies of various religions and philosophies with a rational approach, Naveen was way past convinced that the path for self-development of the inner soul, the route to self-actualization solely lies in devoting his future to Tirthankara’s Path.

In the early years of Sainthood Muni Shree Yugbhushanvijayji ruminated and contemplated subjects of modern astronomy, ancient astronomy, modern Physics and its complex theories like Law of relativity, Gravity, Einstein theories, Chemistry, Biology, International Politics and Bio-technology to name a few. Identifying this phenomenal capability, Acharya Ramchandra Suri M.s. inspired him to interpret and simplify various scriptures having diverse subjects and present it for the benefit of society.

As the responsibilities increased with the post, Gani Shri Yugbhushanvijayji studied deep in Law and order, current affairs, global philosophies and provided an appropriate way to for protection of various Jain Tirth’s such as Kesariyaji, Sametshikharji and Girnarji. In order to spread the awakening Raksha Dharma Abhiyan was inspired and directed by Gani Shree Yugbhushanvijayji which made Jain community realise darkness they were in.

The 23rd April 2008, Chaitra sud Bij, Wednesday, Gani Yugbhushanvijayji was instituted to Acharya Pad at Devlali which is one of the top most position in Jain Sangh. Upon observing that the entire society is decepted through inappropriate modern media, with the same weapon under his guidance an organisation called as ‘Jyot’ was founded in December 2009 which attempted to put modern science and scriptures on the same platform.

Acharya Shree Yugbhushan Suri is undoubtedly an epitome of knowledge and wisdom, possibly the biggest human resource of ancient and unearthed mysteries and facts.