An experience that is Deep and Soulful !
A Movie that is Entertaining , yet Meaningful !!
Aptly named....it is just Wonderful !!!

'Ek Cheez milegi Wonderful' is a journey in itself. From the world that craves and celebrates the physicality of happiness, this leads us to the core of the meaning and essence of being Happy. In the era where movies are made for 'Mass appeal', with the commercial aspect as the focus, this focuses on appealing to the mass in a different way.
Right from its conceptualization to presentation on screen, every frame is crisp, well presented and thought provoking. It strikes the emotional chord too, at the right places. As the story progresses, it becomes more gripping. The plot though , very simple, keeps the curiosity and interest till the very end. At the end, it culminates as a rich and wonderful experience.
Watching ' Ek cheez ...' is something like sipping lime juice, the taste distinctly felt, but none of its ingredients makes its presence felt.Though based on Jain principles,the message has been woven in such a scuttle way that the essence of it is omnipresent but not visible.No direct mention. No labels attached.
One wonders how can it be possible to integrate such principles which are essentially scientific and philosophical in nature ? To get the answer, it is recommended to sit through the movie...In the end ,, you will definitely get what is Truly WONDERFUL !